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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ditching the Diet!

In a society that is continually inflicted with an artificial and unrealistic standard of beauty and body-image, dieting has a commonplace role in the lives of countless men and women.  Unfortunately, dieting is also associated with endless cycles of disappointment and failures, feelings of false hope, and restraints from living an enjoyable life.  Can you imagine living a life where diets don't exist?  Visualize yourself freely experiencing self-acceptance, normalized eating and physical activity-all meant to enhance every aspect of your being. 
It is possible to forsake the impractical rules and emotions that are connected to dieting and to relinquish it for good.  The best way to improve your life and your health is by respecting and honoring yourself and your body, and dieting is not included in the journey of doing so.   Read more about how you can begin living freely from the burden of dieting.
To learn more about Health at Every Size, a program developed to promote health instead of weight as the key to making choices with food and activity, view the Health at Every Size webinar, presented by Juliet Zuercher, Nutrition Coordinator at Timberline Knolls.