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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder where the main characteristics are binge eating and compensatory behaviors in order to prevent weight gain. Bulimics are caught in the devastating and addictive binge purge cycle.For individuals suffering from Bulimia, the binge can be seen as a reward within itself and a way to cope with daily stresses and feelings. Bulimic binges usually consist of a larger than normal quantity of food, that typically are high in caloric intake. For individuals with Bulimia, the binge eating usually occurs in secrecy and rarely in the presence of others.The types of food vary but are often sweet and/or high in fat content. Some binges are planned in advance by the Bulimic, but generally they are impulsive. Triggers for binges in Bulimia include dysphoric mood, interpersonal stressors, boredom, prolonged dieting, and body image dissatisfaction.The binge eating in Bulimia Nervosa may temporarily numb the negative feelings, but this state is quickly followed by feelings of failure. The Bulimic is often ashamed of their binges and views the Bulimic behavior as a loss of control and a reason for low self esteem. This is why it is often hard for Bulimics to come forward and seek help.Individuals suffering from Bulimia follow their binge eating behavior with compensatory behaviors in an attempt to counteract the binge episodes. The most common form of compensatory behavior for individuals suffering from Bulimia is vomiting. The Bulimic usually induces vomiting directly following the binge.For the Bulimic, the act of purging may temporarily reduce the feeling of fullness and reduce their fear of weight gain from the binge. Some individuals with Bulimia even look forward to the purging behavior as they enjoy the feeling of release the purging behavior temporarily affords.Other compensatory behaviors that individuals with Bulimia use in an attempt to prevent weight gain include use of laxatives, enemas, diuretics, diet pills, ipecac, strict diets, fasts, insulin abuse, chew spitting, and vigorous exercise.Bulimics, like Anorexics, are also obsessively involved with their body shape and weight. An individual with Bulimia Nervosa will often obsessively check their body size and weight through frequent weighing, measuring, pinching, and viewing themselves in a mirror. For the Bulimic, the individual's self worth is directly tied to their body shape and weight.Some of the common potential medical complications of practicing Bulimia include Cardiac Arrhythmia, esophageal tears, electrolyte imbalance, digestive problems, and dental problems. For a complete list of potential medical problems for Bulimia, visit our Medical Complications page.The medical complications of Bulimia can be severe and like Anorexia, if left untreated, can become life threatening.You can and will overcome the binge purge cycle, but you can’t do it alone. Rader Programs knows how shameful it feels to bear the burden of Bulimia and can help you to full recovery with the right Bulimia treatment. Our programs include inpatient care, outpatient care, daycare, continued care and a family program that provides you with the ultimate support. If laxatives and diet pills have become a way of life, we can design a Bulimia treatment program to break the cycle and provide a healthy eating plan created by a trained nutritionist specialized in Bulimia treatment. Don’t feel imprisoned in your own body any longer. Choose the Bulimia treatment that will set you free for life.Bulimia is characterized by feelings of failure. Rader Programs understands and can structure a Bulimia treatment plan to nourish your spirit as well as your body and mind. Through a combination of sessions with our interdisciplinary staff, we will build a healthier you with the right Bulimia treatment for your lifestyle. Programs can include inpatient care, outpatient care, daycare sessions, continued care and a weekend family program designed to work loved ones into your recovery process. Don’t suffer alone. Rader Programs has the Bulimia treatment that can help you succeed for life.
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